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Statement of Beliefs

Free Christian Ministry
For Christians seeking truths that make sense.

The Name

It is a "free" ministry because those who fellowship with FCM are striving to maintain a fellowship with Jesus Christ, aware of the truth that to the degree we know him, that is the degree we are free, because the truth concerning Jesus Christ is that which makes us free. John 8:32

It is Christian because God is the focus of FCM's attention, but no man can truly know God as God would reveal Himself but through Christ. Romans 1:1-3

It is a ministry because it stands solely to aid individuals in their walk in the light of God's Word, in whatever fashion may be available. II Timothy 4:5

The Standard

Free Christian Ministry maintains that the collection of writings referred to as "the Bible" does reveal God's will for all man. And while it is impossible to "know the whole truth," and "to be entirely correct," the scriptures contain all required to know for spiritual correctness, and contain all basic truths regarding God and His will for us.

And it is our job to strive to grasp these truths better as time goes on, and we believe that the truth regarding any given subject given to us centuries ago in the scriptures is still available for us to understand as God intended, even should we fail to do so.

The Prime Purpose

To introduce Jesus Christ as a personal Lord and mediator to God to willing men, women and children, confident that it is Jesus Christ who can provide the way a man, woman or child may develop a relationship with God as Father. I Thessalonians 1:3-10, Matthew 22:37

The Secondary Purpose

To help Christians understand for themselves their proper place in the body of Christ, which is first to serve God through Jesus Christ, and second to love his neighbor, which is how to stand in this body.

The Fellowship

A purpose of FCM is not to provide believers with a forum for fellowship. However, Christians are to fellowship, and it is a purpose of FCM to provide useful insight into how Christians are to act toward one another.

We do not recognize denominational boundaries. It is more important for a believer to be among the people Christ needs him with during any given time than to worry about labels or nuances of doctrine.

Nuances of doctrine are the individual's responsibility and he or she is responsible to Jesus for what they proclaim in his name, not to a council of elders.

The Church

It is the profession of FCM that Jesus Christ built his Church upon himself. This Church is made of the entire body of Chosen, not according to the creed of any denomination, but of a graceful salvation evidenced by the confession of Jesus as lord and a belief that God has raised him from the dead.

It is therefore the profession of Free Christian Ministry that the meeting of this Church is where ever three or more are gathered in his name. Matthew 16:13-19, Acts 2:47, Ephesians 1:20-23, Acts 2:47, Acts 9:31, Romans 16:1, Colossians 4:15, Colossians 1:18, Matthew 4:23, Matthew 10:17, II Chronicles 5:14, II Chronicles 7:12, I Corinthians 3:16-17


God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, eternal, and true. He is the Divine helper of all who humbly acknowledge Him, and Father first to Jesus Christ, then to all who believe on him; God is the Patriarch of the Christian Family.

Jesus Christ

It is the profession of FCM that Jesus Christ is the first born son of God, is the head of the Christian Church, heir to the throne of David, King of Israel, and raised from the dead as Lord over all God's creation.

We believe that according to the texts, Jesus, while in God's foreknowledge as were we all, had a specific "genesis," or beginning which is described in the Gospel of Matthew. He spanned the gap between sinful man and Holy God, and in him is, among other things, our forgiveness, our redemption, our salvation, our justification, our hope.

The Christian

He or she who has, in this day and age, accepted Jesus as Lord, and believed God has raised him from the dead. The Christian is the child of God, heir of heaven, spokesman for the gospel, and should behave and believe accordingly. To this end an accurate knowledge of Scripture is vital.

The Body

The collective reference to all called to salvation by grace in this era between the ascension of Christ and that period of time he gathers the body together in the clouds as revealed in I Thess. 4:13ff.


FCM maintains there is a spiritual salvation and a spiritual forgiveness which brings to the Christian a place in the heavenlies, and a more earthy salvation which comes about from a clinging to a godly life. The first is a gift of grace, as manifested by the gift of holy spirit, the seal of salvation. The second is what the individual can attain now, by living in that grace.
There is also the wholeness to the body of Christ as a Church, worked by the collective believers through faith and reverence, as a unit. We believe that this is the salvation worked out "through fear and trembling," Phil. 2:12

The Ministry

Ministry is service. It is whatever God calls one out to do, and for each person entails many functions which change in details as conditions change. Genuine ministries are of God, and are not initiated by government regulations or by religious organizations, although it is the prerogative of leaders of religious bodies to recognize whose ministries are already obvious.

FCM does not recognize any inherent authority in the ordination of ministers by religious organizations, nor does it recognize any limitations or special acknowledgement placed on the minister by governmental bodies. On the other hand, those already ordained of God into service may find cooperation with either government or denomination as an appropriate way to further the gospel, or those ordained by such may also be ordained of God, and FCM refuses to condemn such as do follow that path for "fellowshipping with the wrong ministry" alone.

The Hope

Scripture clearly tells us we are the Body of Christ, the called according to the Mystery, Jew and Gentiles fellow heirs and joint heirs of Christ. We are clearly told that our hope is that we will be saved from the wrath to come, revealed in Revelation as the "bowl judgements."

We will be caught up, the dead raised incorruptible, those of us alive, at the Lord's coming. At this point, the Mystery, the calling of the Mystery, shall be finished. The epistles say this takes place at the last trump, Revelation says the Mystery is fulfilled or "finished" at the seventh, or last, trump of Revelation. For this hope, the knowledge we will be redeemed and be with our Lord, we labor in love without ceasing, confident God is not unworthy that He should forget our labor of love.

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