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"...Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word."

While Believers with a history of Way International affiliation, esp. graduates of the PFAL Series (Power For Abundant Living) may find links to fellowship, study, friends, and loved ones, believers and seekers of all congregations or none at all may find wonderful links at this page.

Current Way affiliates are more than welcome to utilize these pop-up links.

By Grace Ministries

Light of the Word Ministry

Christian Family Fellowship

Truth or Tradition

Cortright Fellowship

Living Hope International

Atlanta Bible Fellowship

Free Christian Ministry Blog

Christian Outreach Fellowships

Grace Christian Fellowship

Peter Wade

Believer Music

San Diego Biblical Studies Fellowship

The Living Truth Fellowship

Thomas O'Buck You Tube

These links lead to numerous other sites from around the country and around the world that are run by Christians that, while perhaps no longer affiliated with a particular ministry, base their doctrine and outreach on an understanding of the integrity of God's Word.

You and God are not alone!


Miss the convenience of a foundational class like "Power For Abundant Living?"  Try Free Christian Ministry's online series "Scripture Integrity." It's a fresh new look on the integrity of Scripture we know and love.


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R. Scott Stewart, lay pastor of Free Christian Ministry, is an Advanced Class Power for Abundant Living Class grad, two time W.O.W. Ambassador, Ex Twig coordinator, and has assisted Branch Coordinators in Dade County, Florida, and San Bernadino County, California.

Since the Way, Mr. Stewart has run fellowships from his home, developed seminary-level Bible courses, transcribed the Gospels and Acts onto computer from the Greek, and devoloped Christian studies such as Scripture Integrity, and Power From On High.

He now simply preaches the gospel as a teacher and online through Free Christian Ministry, recognizing as Leader for all levels of the Church only the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Son of God, and Jesus is the Way. Aside from the rule of Jesus Christ, any who would lord over God's heritage are merely the blind leading the blind. The rest of us who serve as ministers, as preachers, as pastors merely do so as examples of faith in Jesus' stead.


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