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Fiery Darts

WHILE it is true the Christian has God on his or her side and can always be more than a conqueror, it is unfortunately true that not all Christians realize this and that not all men and women are Christians.
Until Christ returns to claim what is his, the "god" of this world, Satan (I Cor. 4:4) shall continue ruling those who remain in his shadow.
We are not to be ignorant of his devices, and the following resources are available to help his victims ease his horrible grip.
After all, are we not to feed the hungry, and give water to the parched?
How much more then spread balm to the downtrodden?
And we shall quench many fiery darts of the wicked.

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Intellihealth: Health Information

Overcoming Sexual Sins. Addicted to sex, porn...

Substance Abuse

National Library of Medicine: Toll Free Hotlines

U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services

National Suicide Hotline

Immunizations: CDC

Christian Survivor

Aardvarc-God did not leave you to be abused!

WV Emergency Shelter Grants


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