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For looking up great truths about Scripture, of course nothing beats a Bible.

Regardless of translation preference or denomination, no popular modern Bible has been rendered so poorly that the great basic truths of scriptures do not come pouring through.

For example, all portray the earthly ministry of Jesus, his crucifiction and his resurrection. All refer to his ascension as Lord of lords, and that he is coming back as King of kings.

Our personal preferences, however, lean to versions that tend to emphasize translation over interpretation.

We prefer efforts that portray the fullest gist of each word, rather than a broad representation of the message that the translator believes is being presented.

It is full well impossible to translate one tongue into another without some interpretation.

Yet for honestyís sake it behooves us to realize that the Bible is Godís Word. We believe God in His wisdom gave it to be written in such a way that each word would retain its intent. That it is true for each generation and in each language, if each word is allowed to retain its original definition when translated.

As the Bible itself states, there was a purpose for each jot and tittle in Scripture.

If scripture is translated word for word according to the best Biblical definition available each generation can strive to understand for itself the original intent.

Thus we will not be limited to tradition in understanding the Word of God.

To this end we look at some basic reference material. We include Bibles, concordances, lexicons, and reference guides.

(You will notice a general lack of apologetics and doctrinal studies, with few exceptions. This page is dedicated to fact-finding reference material.)

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