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Bible Dictionaries Etc.

Other Wonderful texts and resources, many online, wait for the student of the life found in Godís Word.

Bible dictionaries, while not as comprehensive perhaps as a concordance may be, allow quick reference to the Biblical usage of many words, as well as other pieces of information regarding meaning such as reference to grammatical data or pertinent cultural information. The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible by Davis and Gehman, and Vineís Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words are two examples of Bible dictionaries.

Dictionaries tend to concentrate on the English (or other language) translations and general literal meaning, rather than being a comprehensive list of usage and what Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic words were used in the Scriptures.

Lexicons are dictionaries as well, only the words are referenced according to Greek or Hebrew rather than English. Often times one gets the best available information regarding Biblical lexicology (study of vocabulary) from a lexicon.

Regardless of your denominational background, Catholic Encyclopedia is a treasure trove of Christian history, albeit often biased and slanted in favor of Church dogma. It is a valuable reference, although unless you have a private library, the space and expense will probably result in you keeping your personal copy at the Library or on-line.

Fathers of the Early Church. Again, this is an extensive and costly collection spanning the history of the church during the second and third hundred years of the Church. While not the scriptures, these writings provide wonderful insight into the early development of Christianity as we know it today, and for some of us, another way back to what it was during the days of the Apostles that Jesus laid the charge of the Church upon.

Textual sources, i.e., Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic or Latin textual compilations in the ancient tongues. An example would be Bakerís New Testament collections.

Online Resources are abundant. Some of the better ones include:

Bible Gateway


Christianity Today

Truth or Tradition


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